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Which Hollywood Blonde are you?

Jessica, you're most like Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson lights up every movie she's in whether she's following the band or trying to lose a hot guy. She's just so likable! And guess what? You are too. Like Goldie's golden daughter, you've got that certain sweet, girl-next-door quality that shines through everything you do.

Charming and caring, you're comfortable in your own skin — and your fans are likely to feel better just being near you. You're certainly no spotlight-stealing diva. In fact, we bet you're more often called upon to play the best supporting actress. Your friends know you'll always be there for them, which is why they've got your back too.

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Who's your Movie-Star Double?

Jessica, your movie star double is Cate Blanchett

An intellectual like you needs to be played by someone who understands how to be deep without being boring, someone who can grasp complicated subjects and make them seem clear cut, someone like Cate Blanchett. Whether bringing to life Elizabethan stories or playing an undercover WWII courier in Charlotte Gray, Cate has shown the world that being smart can be sexy.

Were you sometimes the kid in class who realized when the teacher made a mistake — even if you didn't always point it out? Now that you're grown up, it wouldn't surprise us if you still liked the challenge of banter or enjoyed staying up late talking about the latest in political, social, or celebrity circles. Your glamour comes from your head first and radiates out through your looks. Cate's a natural to star as you because she, like you, has a good head on her shoulders. And she isn't afraid to use it.

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Who's your inner rock-star?

Jessica, your inner rock star is Gwen Stefani

You ain't no hollaback girl — that's for sure. Like your rock star counterpart, Gwen Stefani, you're one hip chick who marches to the beat of her own drummer. From fashion to music to attitude, you've got your own amazing style and you answer to no one. You love trying new things and aren't afraid to make some mistakes along the way. Rock steady!

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Who's your red carpet match?

Jessica, your red carpet match is Scarlett Johansson

Katherine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Jean Harlow. Scarlett Johansson's well on her way to making the list. And like these glamorous icons, your look should channel Old Hollywood — gorgeous yet graceful and never short on making a memorable statement.

Five-inch heels? Easy. Dress so tight you can't sit down? No problem. It takes a lot more than a fashion obstacle to rattle a cool, confident mind like yours. So grab your heirloom bag and call your stylist — the red carpet awaits!

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The Celebrity Matchmaker

Jessica, your celeb match is Jake Gyllenhaal

Obviously, a cutie like you is paired with sweet and adorable Jake Gyllenhaal.

You're tight with your best buds and always willing to lend a hand when someone needs it, whether it's taking a long bike ride, moving to a new home, or mending a broken heart. You can't help it — you're a great friend. And your date should be too. Now that's lovely & amazing!

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